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My sister is getting married in a few days. My mom just posted on facebook saying “only a few days until our daughter becomes Mrs.[Husbands Full Name]!”

I hate that rule. Which is odd because I am more traditional and old fashioned in a lot of ways when it comes to romance.

Why when a woman gets married does she have to take the mans name? Especially his ENTIRE name when they announce you after you are wed? It’s so degrading.Thats like making her his property. I would want it to be hyphenated because you are becoming a part of each other. He can hyphenate his too. So it’s even and I don’t feel like I’m being “bought”. You know? I am still MY name I am just joining with someone else.

The funny thing is, we are the only culture to do this. In other cultures the child takes both the parents last names and the parents last names stay the same(Ex: Spanish cultures).

I just feel like it steals identity.
Even though yeah, you will still be you in reality.
I don’t want anyone to own me. I just don’t want my husband to be able to say:

"Who does the car belong to? Look at the last name on the paperwork. Everything you have technically belongs to me because you have my last name. So, even you belong to me. Technically." 

I don’t belong to anyone.
Fuck you.


  1. boom-mic-drop said: if it makes you feel any better, in modern marriages the women pretty much owns the man. In a social sense anyway.
  2. andthesoulofadragon said: I agree! There’s no way I’m letting someone take away my last name. My sister and I use to joke about finding a husband with our same last name so we could keep ours. Now I think I’ll do the hyphenating thing.
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    I have to say, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Though I’m going to be taking my fiancee’s last name simply because I...
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